Sky News: India election: Narendra Modi secures second term after sweeping victory

So its been couple of days since Narendra Modi , the Indian Prime Minister has clean swept most parts of the nation with his prowess and finesse to hack the minds of Indians and claim millions of votes in the favor of his Party i.e, BJP the Bhartiya Janata Party . The 68-year old is all set to take the oath of office as India’s 15th Prime Minister at Rashtrapati Bhavan along side with his council of ministers.

According to ‘The Times of India’, The statistics show that the voter turnout for the 2019 Lok Sabha poll was the highest ever at around 67.11% across 542 constituencies in the country. This is 1.16% higher that the 65.95% turnout registered in the 2014 elections. The political awareness among the youth , middle aged , and minors has considerably increased since Narendra Modi’s party and himself has come into power. This has been due to his actions in the past 5 years  and the controversial statements made by several BJP leaders based on religion which has lead to many people rethink their choices .

No doubt there have been a few things Mr. Modi has done to impress wast Hindu majority of the country. Modi has not directly but in indirect terms clearly showed his sense of hostility towards religions apart from Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism. On April 11′ 2019 , Just a pre-election period, The BJP President Mr. Amit Shah’s words on twitter caused an outrage on the Social Media which were, ” We will ensure implementation of NRC in the entire country. We will remove every single infiltrator from the country, except Buddha, Hindus and Sikhs: Shri @AmitShah #NaMoForNewIndia “. Even a layman can make out what this tweet meant.

Mr. Modi has never ever attacked Muslims, Christians, Dalits or other Minor community of India with words or otherwise. But Mr. Prime Minister’s silence on the attacks and mob lynching cases against the minorities, Controversial statements by BJP leaders, speaks tones of what his outlook is towards them. In 2019 Elections, Sadhvi Pragya Thakur, an RSS member who was prime accused in Malegaon blasts i.e, in Gujarat which happened in September 29, 2008 which killed 10 people and around 80 were badly injured, Most of these were Muslims. She was the prime accused in this and later she was found guilty who was then Jailed for a certain period. Later during 2019 Elections she got out on bail and whilst that period she was given the ticket from BJP to contest from Bhopal constituency which she won eventually.

Another candidate which was earlier appointed as the UP’s Chief Minister Mr. Yogi Adityanath’s ( Whose actual name is Ajay Singh Bisht ) controversial statements against Muslims hit the headlines every once in a while, in UP there have been a number of cases where Muslim families have been attacked mainly for the cow slaughter in the name of “Cow Protection”.

The point to be made here is Mr. Modi’s Silence toward all these attacks and cases shows his indirect/direct support towards them.

If we start to list down the drawbacks of Mr. Modi and his government in the last five years, The list would be uncertain. These include Demonetization , JNU issue, Women in India, Rafale deal, Supporting Indian billionaires from the back door, Failure of Ganges project, Extreme communalism, Nepal economic blockade and what not ? The 3000cr Rupees “Statue of Unity” of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was another of his insensitive unprofessional things to do as leader of a Nation where 46 million people live below the poverty line. The freedom of speech being taken away from the people which is proved in many cases for example to mention a few :-

Murder of Gauri Lankesh:

The Journalist from Bangalore who was shot dead outside her residence in September of 2017 for being outspoken about her Anti-Right wing opinions. After the incident, various supporters of Mr. Modi, the BJP and, RSS celebrated her murder on social media .

Murder of M. M. Kalburgi:

Was shot at his residence in August 2015 for this views against superstitions in Hinduism and for his ideological differences with the Lingayat Community. The local head of the Bajrang Dal in a town of Dakshin Kannada district, issued a celebratory statement at Kalburgi’s murder and also issued a warning to the well-known rationalist thinker and writer based in Mysore, KS Bhagwan, that he could be the next target.

Ban on the documentary “India’s Daughter” by Leslee Udwin which was about Nirbhaya Rape case:

On March 4, the Indian Home Minister’s office said that the government was enforcing a ban on the documentary because Udwin hadn’t secured the correct permissions to interview the driver of the bus Mukesh Singh in prison, didn’t abide by agreements to show authorities unedited versions of the interview, and because Singh’s statements were “an affront to the dignity of women.”

Few members of the BJP party stated that the film was part of “an international conspiracy to defame India” and protested that its release will affect tourism.

Ban and Protests for the film “Padmaavat” and others

Arrest of Folk Singer under sedition charges S. Kovan for criticizing the PM – Mr Modi

In April 2018, Police in Tamil Nadu arrested well-known folk singer S. Kovan for singing a song at a protest meeting that criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The arrest was in response to a complaint filed by a BJP supporter.

In 2015, the Tamil writer Perumal Murugan committed literary suicide. “Perumal Murugan the writer is dead,” he posted on his Facebook page. “Leave him alone.”

“According to the Index on Censorship, in 2014, seven legal notices of defamation were served in India: five to media companies, including publishing houses; one to a marketing federation; and one to journalists Subir Ghosh, Paranjoy Guha Thakurta, and Jyotirmoy Chaudhuri for a book on Reliance Industries Ltd., India’s biggest corporation, run by Mukesh Ambani. Reliance sought 1 billion Indian rupees, or about $16,400,000, in damages. Environmental journalist Keya Acharya was slapped with a defamation suit by industrialist Sai Rama Krishna Karaturi, of Karaturi Global Ltd., also demanding a billion rupees in damages. The same year the Sahara Media Group dropped a defamation case asking for 2 billion rupees in damages against journalist Tamal Bandophadhyay for his book Sahara: The Untold Story after the author agreed to include a disclaimer by the company in his book.” (Do Indians Have Freedom of Speech?)

Defamation law suit against The Wire for reporting on Amit Shah’s son

The Wire in October 2017 reported, “The turnover of a company owned by Jay Amitbhai Shah, son of Bharatiya Janata Party leader Amit Shah, increased 16,000 times over in the year following the election of Narendra Modi as prime minister and the elevation of his father to the post of party president, filings with the Registrar of Companies (RoC) show.”

Union Minister Piyush Goyal in a press conference said, “Mr Jay Shah will file a criminal defamation suit of Rs 100 crore against author (of article), editor and owner of news website The Wire.”

BJP spokesperson has been able to give dire threats to fellow debate participants in live TV discussion in (New 7 Tamil channel). Calling critics of Modi or BJP as anti-national or anti-social elements has become so common. After all this, some blind followers of Mr. Modi who call themselves ‘Bhakts’, still support him for whatever he does.

Apart from gaining credibility from the martyrs of Pulwama attack and Balakot strikes which eventually Pak refused to have been hit by, in Feb’19, Modi has tried everything in favor of their party to win the elections.

As Rahul Gandhi the Congress President once said in the Loksabha Parliament, they cannot afford to lose power and rightly so, there were many alleged rumors or may not be , about BJP trying to hack EVMs. The Election Commission of India was rather BJP shifted during the time of Elections. When final phase of Elections was commencing, Couple of videos went viral in which the EVMs were being shifted without any security and this caused an outrage among the opposition parties who raised the issue to the EC. Who rather obviously refused to take up any action on it.

A YouTuber named Syed Shuja from Hyderabad, India, who currently resides in the Europe ( For obvious Security Reasons ) claims quite confidently that the BJP had won mandate in the country with the help of ‘EVM-Replacement’. He claims to have Hacked EVMs for BJP in 2014 Elections and thus Modi came to power ever since. His theories are so very well versed that one cannot deny of what he says, more than half a million people have viewed his Live-Intels during the Pre, and Post election period.

Many Christians minorities are also frantic about the fact the Modi-Gov has come into power again.

A Majority of Hindus have also expressed their concerns about the reelection of the ‘Chowkidar-TeaSeller’. Many are astonished and surprised of how BJP has managed to win this when majority claim to have NOT voted for them.

Terrorists, Actors, Cricketers are contesting for the first time ever and have won it while on the contrary Educationists, Activists, Social Workers, Politicians who work for people are losing, What an Irony this is of the biggest democratic country in the world.

An opposer stated: ” These 5 years Mr. Narendra Modi has gotten a free foreign trip package. ”